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Suppliers of non food partywear and catering supplies; offering everything from cutlery, crockery and disposable plates through to tablecloths, food containers and glasswear for all occassions
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Dustpan and Brushes

Contico Lobby Brush3520049Contico Lobby Brush£5.68
Contico Plastic Lobby Dustpan3520048Contico Plastic Lobby Dustpan£14.25
DP10SETB 90cm Lightweight Soft Lobby Dustpan and Brush Ste3520052 / 3520053 / 3520054 / 3520058DP10SETB 90cm Lightweight Soft Lobby Dustpan and Brush Ste£8.85


DP13B 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan3520060DP13B 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan£8.66
DP13G 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan3520061DP13G 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan£8.66
DP13R 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan3520041DP13R 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan£8.66
DP13Y 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan3520062DP13Y 32.5cm Open Plastic Dustpan£8.66
DP15 30.5cm Lobby Dustpan3520050DP15 30.5cm Lobby Dustpan£16.34
DP3B 18cm Enclosed Dustpan3520028DP3B 18cm Enclosed Dustpan£3.15
DP3G 18cm Enclosed Dustpan3520030DP3G 18cm Enclosed Dustpan£3.15
DP3R 18cm Enclosed Dustpan3520035£3.15
DP3W 18cm Enclosed Dustpan3520045£3.15